Friday, December 14, 2007

Finding a good run...

Far be it from me to knock someone while they're down, but...

In case you haven't already seen the Seattle Times article, the Seattle Marathon is under quite a bit of scrutiny for advertising the race as a fund-raiser for UW Medicine, but not actually giving a cent of the $120 entry fee to UW Medicine. And the article goes on to say how a large (VERY large) amount of cash is paid to race director Louise Long.

Since I've been writing articles about running, I've interviewed dedicated runners. I've interviewed passionate race directors. I've interviewed smart, funny, warm, giving, open, and just plain nice people involved in every aspect of the running world.

I've also interviewed Louise Long.

While I've got nothing against huge benefit races in general, for your next race try a small, local run. They usually give their money to good causes as well...right there in your home town.

In fact, if you're looking for a race in the Skagit Valley, try the Nookachamps Winter Runs on January 12 in Mt. Vernon. Race Director Keefer Whan is one of those plain nice people, plus he's one of the fastest runners in the area, so you can ask for tips before the race.

The photos are from last year's Nookachamps race. Yes, it was cold.

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  1. Hi Scott, I hadn't looked at your blog in a while, you are such an entertaining writer... usually the right mixture of information and cynicism, and humor. At least the guy who took all our entry fees in Lake Chelan, didn't say they were going to charity.... he also didn't say he'd ever pay it back.