Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jenn Shelton Goes for the Title!

Yeah, that would be the title of Oregon's Hottest Runner! Well, she won the Pear Blossom Ten Miler too, but c'mon, let's focus here!

I realize that Kara Goucher is at a bit of a disadvantage here, being pregnant and whatnot, but hey, I've got nothing against pregnant women - it's just hard when you're trying to battle against Shelton's swimsuit!

That thing has got to be homemade right? I mean...it's got pears on it! That swimsuit does bring back some bad memories of Borat, but Shelton somehow makes it work.

Bonus points for the look on the guy's face that's running beside her. I'm guessing lots of guys would have been running with her...if they could have kept up.

Go Jenn!

Thanks to RaceCenter for the photo. Which reminds me...I was supposed to talk about my new article for RaceCenter, but I got distracted. Tomorrow.


  1. I have 3 questions,

    1. Does it have a thong back?
    2. If so, where is that photo?
    3. Does anyone else "shave" before a race??

  2. i don't think that guy was beside her. she was passing him!

    she got a lot of looks and i'd wish i would have known who she was that day. she's awesome!