Monday, November 26, 2012

Seattle Marathon 2012 Results - Uli Does It Again!

There are lots of fast runners out there. But there aren't nearly as many fast, tough, runners. You know the kind - they never have a really bad race. When they don't run particularly well, they end up taking 3rd or 4th. DNF's just don't happen for them. They excel at one type of race, but throw them in something new - trail, ultra, road, whatever - they exceed everyone's expectations.

You know these runners, right? People like Meb Keflezighi. People like Oregon's own Max King. These guys just never disappoint. Like Canada's Ellie Greenwood.

Well, there's one more name you need to add to the list of Toughest Fastest Runners: Uli Steidl.

Hey, Seattle's Steidl has been around for a long time - he's now 40 years old. But damn, he's almost as fast as ever. Yesterday, he won the Seattle Marathon for the ninth time. Ninth! I know some people think that there isn't a lot of competition at the Seattle Marathon, but there's a reason for that. It's a tough, tough course! Most elite runners are too damn scared to run it. They don't want to work their asses off on a tough course and just have an average-looking time to show for it.

But that's what I'm talking about with Steidl - he's not afraid to go out and earn it. Congrats to Uli.

-Seattle Times article on Uli's win in the Seattle Marathon.

-Seattle Times Photo Gallery of the Seattle Marathon.

-Chat with Uli and his wife, Trisha (another great Seattle runner).

-Results from the 2012 Seattle Marathon.

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