Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Northwest Running and Triathlon Calendar - 2014 and Beyond

As you may have heard, since I said it in the last post, I am not continuing to write up the Northwest Running and Triathlon Calendar for The Two R's. It took a metric boatload of time every week to write it and I'm just taking a break from it. Maybe it will come back at some point and maybe it won't. I'm not sure.

I started to compile the calendar on The Two R's because there just isn't a good, comprehensive, Northwest calendar out there. As you'll see...

If you need to find a race, try one of these:

-RaceCenter NW
Good mix of races from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

-Northwest Runner
Almost exclusively Washington State races

-Willamette Valley Road Runners Calendar
Mostly Oregon, obviously, but also some Washington, California and Hawaii

-Eclectic Edge Racing Calendar
Races put on by EER, mainly in Oregon

-3 Rivers Road Runners Calendar
Mainly Washington races in the Tri-Cities area

-Running in the USA
Choose races by any state in the USA

The problem with all of these, and pretty much any race calendar, is they're mostly by submissions from race directors, or they're just for races put on by one particular group. I've yet to find a good compiler site. There isn't a truly comprehensive site for Northwest racing. That's what I was trying to accomplish with my calendar.

Good luck out there.

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