Saturday, November 10, 2007

The New Pub...

I wrote this article almost a year ago. It is, by far, the longest lead time of anything I've written for a magazine. I didn't even remember the article (and my copy was lost in the Great Crash of '07) so reading it again was actually sort of interesting. Yes, my article did make the cover...if you look really, really hard. It's the one that's written in the tiny, light blue print, "Avoid Daycare Disaster." It's also the first time I've been published in a national magazine, albeit a magazine that's nearly impossible to find unless you subscribe to it. "Who is Petra Kolber?" you ask. I don't know. According to American Fitness, she's the star of these excercise dvd's: Step Moves New Grooves, 3,2,1 Dance, and Elegant Strength. So now you know. It could have been worse, believe me...both Suzanne Somers and Tony Little have made the cover in the last year. Hey, thanks to Tiffany Morton at the Bellingham Athletic Club for the interview for this one. She probably doesn't even remember doing it because it was so long ago, but thanks anyway!

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