Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey, hey, hey, it's some new ink...

That's right, the October/November/December issue (let's just call it the "winter" issue) of RaceCenter is out. And what do you know, Sr. Writer Scott Lommers has another article in it. How did I fool Editor Brook Gardner into making me a Sr. Writer? Andrew Jackson has yet to let me down, my friends.

So in this issue, I dial up a little something called "Running on Superstition," which is, oddly, an article on Running...and Superstition. It's got a nice little story about my brother in there...we'll see if he reads it. I'm not going to mention it to him, that's for sure.

What else is in the issue? Well, there's "Toe-Roping," "Running with Purpose," and "Girls on the Run." All quality stuff, if not all from Sr. Writers on the RaceCenter staff. But you know where to find that, right?

Also, I notice a photo of a pretty young women named "Jami" on page 43. And, I must add, it is not the first time I've seen "Jami" in the pages of RaceCenter. I'm a-thinkin' Editor Brook has a little crush on this "Jami."

Or maybe she knows the power of a Jackson as well. She might just be the new RaceCenter Sr. Cute Runner Girl in the Photos. It's a prestigious position, believe you-me.

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