Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tomato-Tomahto, Walnut-Martin Luther King Jr...

So I took the Kona out on the Beaver Freezer bike course today - the Softride is still in storage. Since I've never done the Freezer before, I printed out a handy little map and took it with me. So 26th, Campus Way, 35th, Harrison, Walnut, yada, far, so good. OK, now we turn around at "Walnut Park". Says so right here. Right here. Hmmm, I don't remember any Walnut Park on Walnut...I remember a park on Walnut, but I sure don't remember a Walnut Park on Walnut. Don't see one either. There's Martin Luther King Jr. Park. Yep, that's the one I remember. Don't remember a Walnut Park. But then, I've only lived here six months...what do I know from Walnut Park?

Five minutes and a good mile later, I knew I wasn't finding any Walnut Park and turned it around.

So anyway, I'm pretty sure the good people at the Beaver Freezer meant the turnaround is at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, not Walnut Park.

The course, you ask? Not bad. A little up and down on the two out and back spokes, but nothing serious. Of course, I've honed my hate of the bike leg by participating numerous times in the Lake Padden Sprint Tri in Bellingham, and Padden has what is perhaps the steepest hill in all of the sprint tri world, so anything besides that feels pretty nice. Probably will ride the course four or five more times just to get a nice feel for it before race day.

But first!


February 28th / Fall Lake Run Around 20 mile, 15k and 5k / Lowell, OR

February 28th / Heart N Sole 10k and 5k / Longview, WA

February 28th / Skagit Symphony's Smelt Run 10k and 5k / LaConner, WA

March 1st / Red Lizard Five Miler / Lake Oswego, OR

Thanks to the OSU Triathlon Club for the map.

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