Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Case Against Lance Armstrong

Once again, the Sports Scientists get to the root of the issue.

Check out this well-reasoned article on the Lance Armstrong Doping Fight and the loss of his seven Tour de France titles. It delves into the story behind the case and Lance's sudden stop to the fight. Since the USADA hasn't released any of their evidence, the Sports Scientists have to make educated guesses, but they do their usual bang-up job.

It's interesting stuff. I've wanted to believe in Lance for a long time. I still want to believe in Lance, right now, today! But I'm realistic. I know I'm almost surely wanting to believe in a cheat and a liar. Harsh, right? Well, there you go. I sort of hope all the evidence does come out eventually just so I can personally put my mind to rest on the whole issue...as can every other Lance fan that doesn't want to give up hope.

Time to move on.

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