Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Yearly Purge of Old, Stinky Running Shirts

Yes, it's that time of year again. The races are pretty much done for the year. Most of us in the running world are taking a little time off for the holidays before getting back into full-time training in 2013. Or we're doing some maintenance running to keep the legs and lungs ready for the planned Spring races.

Whatever you're doing at the moment, I know one thing is true: you've piled up a few race shirts over the last 12 months of 2012. I know my "running" dresser drawer is getting a little tight. So I've started the yearly purge of shirts and shorts and socks that need to go. And how do I decide what stays and what goes? Simple.

I work out like normal, and when I'm done, and headed to the showers at Dixon, I lift up my shirt and take a real good whiff. If it smells like a furry mammal crawled into my shirt and died of old age, then I just toss it into the garbage right then and there. And as much as I love tech running shirts, after a certain number of sweaty workouts and subsequent washes they just can't be saved any longer.

They acquire a true funk.

So far, I've tossed three shirts. And I've got a notion that one pair of shorts and maybe one or two more shirts will be destined to join their buddies before the winter is over.

Hey, have a good run out there...and don't forget to smell good doing it!

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