Friday, February 8, 2013

Northwest Running and Triathlon Calendar - March 2013 - St. Patrick Day Runs

Most of the St. Patrick's Day runs will hit the calendar next week - so stay tuned! - but there are a few on this week's schedule as well. So dig out that hideous green shirt from the back of your closet and sign up for something!

Let's race!

-Green Text for Trail Runs
-Red Text for Marathons and Half Marathons
-Blue Text for Triathlons and Duathlons
-Orange Text for everything else, the normal 5k, 10k, etc


March 9th / Buck Mountain Mudslinger Trail Run 6.5m / Silverton, OR

March 9th / Race to the Cape Trail Run 10m / Tillamook, OR

March 9th / Lake Sammamish Half  Marathon / Redmond, WA

March 9th / Spring Sprint Duathlon / Lewiston, ID

March 10th / Walla Walla Dirty Duathlon Trail Sprint / Walla Walla, WA

March 9th / Team Congo PDX's Group 10k and 5k / Portland, OR

March 9th / Run of Two Cities 10k and 5k / Coos Bay, OR

March 9th / Run for the Shamrock 10k and 5k / Eugene, OR

March 9th / Astoria Run for Breast Cancer Research 5k / Astoria, OR

March 9th / Karelian Bear Dog 5k / Olympia, WA

March 9th / King County Bar Association YLD 5k / Seattle, WA

March 9th / S & M Challenge Obstacle Course 5k / Castle Rock, WA

March 9th / Speed to Feed Idaho 10k and 5k / Boise, ID

March 9th / Shamrock Run 5m / Central Point, OR

March 10th / Synergy Health Management Bazan Bay 5k / Sidney, BC

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