Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Slim pickings...

Wow...we visited the 'rents last weekend over in the beautiful Yakima Valley. Well, certain parts of it can be beautiful anyway. Other parts...not so much. But it all looked pretty good on Saturday and Sunday because the sun was out and the temps were up to about 60! Holy moly guacamole! It was so nice, Jen and I headed into Wapato and did a few laps around the track at Dan Doornink Field at Wapato High School. Ah, the old stomping grounds. When I circle that track I can't help but think back to the "glory" days running the mile for the Wapato Track Team (yes, I put quotes around "glory" and yes, they called it the "mile" back then). Man, I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner back then. Going around that track, I had painful flashbacks about just dying on the final lap of the mile in meets. Getting old isn't all bad...I usually have more kick at the end of runs...and even when I can't kick, I don't really care! It's good to be a Master!

This may be the lightest weekend of the entire year. There just are not many runs out there right now. Next week looks better, so hit the Smelt Run, then come back next week and check the much longer list.

February 23rd / Skagit Symphony's Smelt Run 10k and 5k / LaConner, WA

February 23rd / Fort Steilacoom Running Club Resolution Run #3 15k and 15 mile / Tacoma, WA

Photo is another shot of me running in the summer heat of Southern California. Man, I am jonesing for summer.

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