Thursday, March 27, 2008


Yes, we're almost a full week into Spring now, and this morning we had...snow. Come on! Do we really need this? How about just a little sun. A little? Well, at least we're getting into the meaty part of the calendar for running. There are actually enough races most weekends now that I can pick and choose which ones I want to list instead of just running anything and everything I could find. So, without further ado:

March 28 and 29 / Snake River Sprint Triathlon / Lewiston, ID - Yes, it's actually on two days...they do the indoor swim on Friday night, then the outdoor bike and run on Saturday (your "T1" time won't look good in the results)

March 29 / Leif to Leif Fun Run 5k / Ballard, WA

March 29 / Birch Bay International Road Race 30k, 15k, and 5k / Birch Bay, WA

March 29 / Running of the Fools 10k / Longview, WA

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