Monday, April 21, 2008

Olympic Trials, Boston Marathon, blah, blah...

Well, I had planned to do a sparkling write-up on the Women's Olympic Marathon Trials, held yesterday, since I profiled four of the runners from the Northwest that were in the Trials for an article in RaceCenter Magazine, but frankly, I'm just not feeling the love. Of the four women I profiled, I've got one DNS (Heather Hanscom - who was living in Eugene, had some injuries shortly before the Trials, moved back East for treatment...and apparently didn't run), one DNF (Alysun Deckert - don't know why), and two slightly below-average finishes (Meghan Arbogast, who injured her back 13 days before the Trials race and just wanted to beat three hours - and ran a 2:59:51 - and Marlene Farrell, who ran a pretty good race, but didn't match her time that got her into the trials).'s probably too early to accuse me of causing a Madden NFL-type jinx, but I sure didn't help anyone.

Then there's Lance Armstrong in the Boston Marathon (do we still need to do the last name? Can we just go with Lance at this point? I only know one other Lance, and he's a semi-funny lawyer in Seattle, so there probably wouldn't be much confusion there for me). Anyhoo, I'm not going to say whether Lance cheated his way to seven Tour de France victories or not, but I will say this: anyone that can toss together some half-ass training and pound out a 2:50 marathon on one of the toughest courses around may have just a little bit of natural athletic ability. Nice job, Lance.

Thanks to Ben Millett for the photo.

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