Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm HUGE in Troutdale...

I know, it's not quite like saying I'm huge in Japan, but I'll take what I can get. See, you can sign up on Google to track your website hits, and obviously most of mine come from Oregon, Washington and Idaho, in that order (the hits I get from India, New Zealand, and Sweden - yeah, I'm not sure about those). And where do the huge majority come from in Oregon? My hometown, Corvallis? Nope. The biggest city, Portland? Not even close. Troutdale? That's a big "Yes, sir!" Why Troutdale, you ask? Does my Mother live there? Strangely enough, no. In fact, I don't believe I know anyone in Troutdale, but man, they love The Two R's there!

So here's my shout-out to the lovely city of Troutdale. Go you mighty, um, Trouts? No, wait...(quickly runs to Google to see what the Troutdale High mascot is)...Go you Mighty Raiders of Reynolds High in Troutdale! May you run, and write, upstream quickly in the future!

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