Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Running Song for May!

Well, I couldn't wait too long to post this classic - I've been running to this one for years, and it works every single time. It's "Save Me" by the Tea Party. This guy, Jeff Martin, has a whole lot of Plant and Morrison running through his veins, and the feeling he puts behind his vocals can really help you get through that 10k. In fact, hook this one up to your iPod and Nike+ and time it right as a power song...have this song going full blast at about the 4:15 mark and you'll just blow by people as you approach the finish line.

Another great thing about this song is that it's long enough to get you a ways on down the road. The Youtube version hits 5:48, but the original version you can get from iTunes runs 6:37! And it's worth every penny of that 99 cents.

If you like this one, Tea Party has a bunch of other songs that will get you going as well. I'd recommend "Temptation."

I know, I know, you're thinking, "ok, he's gone England, England, Canada, for his last three songs. Does this guy even know any American bands?" Yes, yes, I do and I'll prove it to you next month.

Thanks to Anissa Thompson of Carson, CA for the great tea party shot.

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