Sunday, May 31, 2009

Race T-Shirt Roundup!

I'm a little behind on the ol' race t-shirt roundup, so let's get right to this one:

Today, we've got the Beaver Freezer Triathlon t-shirt from the race in early April. I have to say it was a bold choice going with the colors from the Motherland...the House of Orange...that's right, Holland, baby! Otherwise known as the Netherlands. You don't see too many orange on blue shirts, so it's definitely got originality going for it. It's a tech shirt, although a no-name brand. And it's got a tight weave, so it would be good for spring or fall as well as summer. Too bad they didn't use the Beaver on the Bike logo from the back as the main logo...I love that logo!

Overall: B+

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