Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Article at Your Favorite Running Store!

Yes, indeedy, the R's has a new article in the June/July issue of RaceCenter NW.

And as opposed to my usual schlock, this one actually is quality work. Well, the writing itself is still pretty half-assed, but the topic is Grade A. I profile three athletes that have fought or are still fighting serious injuries or sicknesses. Aaron Simpson, Lindsay Kandra and Darren Smith. No joke, these three have guts to spare. If you're looking for a little inspiration to help get over yourself and your petty, insignificant issues...well, these three will do it. They're the real deal.

What else you got, you ask?

Well, let's just see.

-First up, we've got a full-page photo of Nick Symmonds. I have a hard time taking him seriously ever since the Naked Nike ad, but still, he's straight nasty on the track.

-Next, we've got Brook's editorial. Um, he's saying my article made him think of "Break My Stride." Um, yeah. Check out this Solid Gold clip here...that's not a compliment,, it's not.

-Then we have a full-page photo of the Eugene Marathon. There I am!

-Then some short Briefs. Um hmm. Good stuff. I like short attention span ain't what it used to be.

-Then an article about Carbs and how to be a good person. I'd read it, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't say "Go to Dairy Queen more often," so I think I'll just skip it.

-Then some race notes and that picture of Jenn Shelton...
Sorry, sort of lost my focus there.

-Then an article about Cross-Training. I love me some cross-training. I'm partial to swimming, but whatever bakes your potato.

-Then something about Vitamin Supplements. No doubt, a great read. But it's about Vitamin Supplements...I just can't do it. Sorry Shannah.

-Next, an article on Relay Running. I wrote an article just like that a couple years back. I don't like reading articles on the same topics I've already written always makes me think, "damn, why didn't I say that?"

-My article. Yay me!

-Trail shoe guide. These are ok, but they end up reviewing about 12% of the actual shoes out there on the market, so I always feel like, "Yeah, but what about...BRAND X!" But maybe that's just me.

-Then a very nice, fairly complete, Event Calendar. Nothing like you get at the R's, but still pretty good.

-And then the back page funny article. Always written by Tim Dooley. Not bad, sometimes quite funny. Humor is a tricky business though. I mean, getting poked in the eye is funny, but there's always somebody that has to say "you could put an eye out like that!" It's tricky, I'm telling you.

And that's it. Good issue. Tight.

Happy National Running Day. Now get out there and support your local running writers.

Or Writing Runners.


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