Sunday, October 31, 2010

Corvallis 5k Race Resuts and Review!

Need your results for the Corvallis 5k? Head right over here.

Man, what a unbelievably gorgeous day for a race! October 31st and we were out there running in short sleeves and sunglasses. Just awesome.

So the Corvallis 5k,...not exactly the most original name for a race, but there you go. I believe they called the race something else last year, and actually changed the name to the Corvallis 5k for this year. This one is put on by Strands, and as you might expect on Halloween, there were plenty of runners decked out in full costume. The race itself was pretty small, a little over 200 runners. Both Jen and Payton ran with me for this one. At 5000 meters, this race was a full 2000 meters over Payton's usual cross country distance of 3k, so he was feeling it a bit in the second half. We stopped a few times and walked until he finally got tired of me hanging around and told me to take off. It was fun seeing him come around the corner and sprint the last block to the finish line. And why the big sprint? There were two girls in front of him - he didn't want to be "skirted!"

The course for the Corvallis 5k is very forgiving for beginners though. Starting at Central Park just outside of Strands Headquarters, the course quickly turns toward campus and runs through the OSU grounds until 35th, then right up 35th for a bit, and right again back onto campus. After breezing back to 15th, the course takes a right and then a quick left to end back where we started. It's just about as flat as can be and doesn't have a whole lot of turns to speak of, so fast times are definitely possible. And indeed, the winning time was a speedy 14:14 by Michael Kilburg of Corvallis.

Well, I definitely wouldn't expect too many more races in 2010 to have weather like that, but I sure enjoyed our, perhaps, last fling with Summer today!

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