Saturday, March 12, 2011

Springtime and Night Races!

Ah, Spring...when you can actually run a race after work.

I love evening races, around 6:00 or 7:00, with the sun still in the sky. It's such a different feel than a morning race. Your body feels different at night. Personally, my legs usually feel fresher, more warmed up, more loose, at night than in the morning anyway.

Yay for night races!


March 24th / Bring In Spring 5k / Eugene, OR (Thursday Night Run!)

March 26th / Spring Classic Sprint Duathlon / Portland, OR

March 26th / Make a Change Trail Run 10k and 5k / Corvallis, OR

March 26th / Cougar Fun Run 10k and 5k / Echo, OR

March 26th / Birch Bay Road Race 30k, 15k and 5k / Birch Bay, WA

March 26th / Lake Sammamish Half Marathon / Redmond, WA

March 26th / Leif to Leif 5k / Seattle, WA

March 26th / Can Do 10k and 5k / Bothell, WA

March 26th / Badger Mountain Challenge Trail Run 100mi, 50k, and 15k / Richland, WA

March 26th / Rotary Run for Kids 5k / Veneta, OR

March 27th / Lions Strides for Diabetes Awareness 10k and 5k / Springfield, OR

March 27th / NW Trail Runs Redmond Watershed Preserve Marathon, 10mi, and 5mi / Redmond, WA

March 27th / Leashes and Laces 5k / Post Falls, ID

March 27th / Fort Vancouver Run 15k, 10k, and 5k / Vancouver, WA

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