Friday, May 6, 2011

Race T-Shirt Review - Sophie's Run

Well, with two more races coming in the next two weeks, we need to get caught up on the race t-shirt reveiws. So let's check out the shirt from Sophie's Run 5k.

Ah, the classic gray t-shirt. That's all good. Never a complaint with gray.

Material? 100% cotton. Thanks. And the fit is very nice. Neck is normal, cut is normal. Thanks again.

Design? Big, bold, red. Not bad. There's no question about what shirt you're wearing here. It's SOPHIE'S RUN! That's cool. Let people know. That's what the race shirt is all about - you're wearing it to tell people, "hey, I ran this race!"

Sponsors? Holy spackle! Do I really count 34 sponsors on this shirt? Yes, yes I do. Now I'm all for getting sponsors, especially for a benefit run like this, but maybe we don't have to put every single one of them on the shirt?

Overall: B+

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