Monday, February 13, 2012

Lance Armstrong Takes 2nd in Half Ironman!


I mean, it's pretty clear that the guy knows how to pedal, and he was a competitive triathlete in his younger days, still...dude's 40 years old. And trust me, the body doesn't always cooperate after 40, so this is a pretty impressive finish.

And as you can see from the writeup on Slowtwitch, this race had some talent going up against Lance, including winner Bevan Docherty, Chris Lieto, Richie Cunningham, Matty Reed, and Rasmus Henning. Plus, it was in the heat and humidity of Panama (the country, not Florida).

All in all, an impressive race for Lance as he builds up for his effort to win the Ironman Championships in Hawaii.

Photo: yes, that's actually Lance...a long, long time ago.


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