Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Want to Earn $1000?

The hard way?

Sorry, slipped into my Rodney Dangerfield persona for a moment there.

Actually, you can earn $1000, cash money, by designing the 2012 Peachtree Road Race T-shirt! Nice, right?

You've only got two weeks though, so you better get moving. The official rules from Peachtree are right here.

If you ever wanted to be known by a large number of people, this is your shot! Your design would be on the backs of over 60,000 people! Peachtree is one of the biggest races in the world, so you'll never have a better chance to impress people than this.

Last year's winning time at the Peachtree 10k was a 28:05 by Sammy Kitwara. A fairly quick 4:31 pace. In other words, getting your design on this guy's back will be the best chance you'll ever have of going that fast! If you want to know what kind of race Peachtree is, please note the results page from last year - two-thirds of the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Team raced last year, Abdihakim Abdirahman and Ryan Hall, and only finished 9th and 17th respectively. And multiple-time Seattle Marathon winner, Uli Steidl, could only manage 53rd. Yikes!

Good luck!

Awesome T-shirt at Zazzle right here.


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