Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Drug Cheat in the Sport of Running: Christian Hesch

If you think, as a small-time, locally or regionally fast runner, doping in the sport of running has no effect on you...well, think again.

Over the past few days, a story broke about Christian Hesch, who has admitted to doping. This is a guy that regularly places in smaller races that have no drug testing, but do offer prize money.

Like, say...the 2012 Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon. Yeah, people you know, runners in the Northwest, from Washington and Oregon, getting cheated out of a spot on the podium by a lying, conniving d-bag (yes, a d-bag - note that he dropped to the ground and did a few pushups, in front of the oncoming 2nd place runner, before winning the R 'n' R Providence Half) that has no business ever racing again. And cripes, looking at the results for the Oregon Wine Country Half, is that the same Aissa Oghoughi (Dghoughi) that was busted for doping a few years back?!? Mario Mendoza, dude, step up to the top of the podium, please.

Here's a well-written and informative piece on Hesch from Runner's World.

New York Times article on Hesch.

Here's a totally self-serving, pathetic excuse for an apology from Hesch himself at Competitor.

Interesting post from The Deets about Hesch.

Photo from Competitor and

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