Sunday, October 14, 2012

Five Years...Ten Posts: Part 4

Four years ago, the R's Family made, frankly, our best decision ever: we moved to Corvallis, Oregon. After living the first 40 years of my life in Washington State, it wasn't a huge move, mileage-wise, but it was a gargantuan change in every other way.

We could not have found a better city to live in, raise a family in, and yes, to run in. Thank you Corvallis.

This post, from August 4th, 2008, was just a couple weeks before we moved to Corvallis. Jen and I were in town to house hunt and, for me, to job hunt. Yes, we moved here before I even had a job. Yikes.

It looks like I was about 30 pounds heavier here, so Chip Ross and the rest of the great running trails in Corvallis have been good for me in that respect.

And there's Jingle! She loved Corvallis as well. What a good dog.


Apparently, Chip Ross is Latin for "Holy crap, will this 89 degree uphill never end!?!" Yes, I ran (well, who's kidding whom), I sort of ran-walked up and down the main trail at the Chip Ross Park in Corvallis today. That's some steep stuff right there. Was it worth it? Check out those photos...yeah, it was worth it. I almost broke my ankle trying to check out the view while I was running. "Kids. Always stop and walk before you gaze at the view!"

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