Thursday, July 17, 2008

A year late...but still purrrty...

Well, it only took me a year to get my hands on my award for being part of the 3rd place finishing team in the 2007 NW Passage Ragnar Relay! And it's nice! And you know that if the fabled NW Runner team took third with me on the squad, then everyone but me on the team was startlingly fast. The third place award, as you can see, is a bronze relay baton...pretty sweet.

Of Course, we're in the Valley now, that would be the Yakima Valley, not the Willamette Valley, and we're on our fourth straight day of 90-plus temps with at least four or five more lined up to come. Let me tell you, that's some hot running right there.

Since I'm at the rents and forced to stomach their dial-up connection, this post is coming straight at you from the Union Gap McDonalds! $2.95 for two hours...someone please tell me where to find free wi-fi around this town!

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  1. Hey Scott -- I googled free wi-fi, and according to my sources, the food court at the valley mall has free wi-fi. Also the Yakama Nation RV park. And the coffee shop (Columbia Steppe) at the valley mall as well.