Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wall-E? How about Wump-E?

Of course I've seen Wall-E. I love Pixar movies. The writing is, and always has been, so far above the standard for animated films. It's just amazing. And even though the other big animated studios have improved their products, because of Pixar, there's still no comparison. And please don't listen to the people that can't figure out why there's no talking in the first half-hour or so...I realize that most TV and video games and movies aim directly for the lowest common denominator and explain the plot point by point for the average viewer...don't listen to them! It's a great flick.

BUT...but, did it seem a bit familiar to any other Bill Peet fans out there? Any Bill Peet, Wump World, fans? It sure did to me. People polluting the planet so bad that they have to leave? Check. Scouts flying around in space ships looking for a new planet (or the same old planet with new life? Check. Absolutely clueless, self-absorbed, human-types ruining the planet that they live on and not caring a whit? Checkaroo.

Of course, there's one small difference. Bill Peet wrote the Wump World back in 1970. Yep, 38 years ago.

Head over to your nearest library, children's picture book section, and tell me which version of Wall-E you like better. While I love the Pixar version, I've had a soft spot for the Bill Peet version for over 30 years.


  1. Yes!!! I was TOTALLY thinking this while watching this movie... so many similarities. I love Wump World and all Bill Peet books.

  2. It just drove me crazy that they'd co-opted that great story without giving Bill Peet any credit. And for all it's high tech goodness, I liked the Wump World better than Wall•E.