Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm behind...again...

Yes, I realize I'm more than a little bit behind on my word count for Nanowrimo, but never fear! I had to spend the first four days of the month working on an article for RaceCenter Magazine. Now that I've finished that, I've got nothing going on for the rest of the month but writing! And I've got my first weekend - always a high point in any young man's life. Of course, I've also got the kids since Jen has a show in Port Townsend this weekend. Not exactly the quiet time that aspiring writers look for.


November 27th / Oregon Mid-Valley Road Race 5.2 and 3.75 mile runs / Albany, OR

November 27th / Osborne Aquatic Center Turkey Trot 5k / Corvallis, OR

November 27th / American Red Cross Turkey Trot 5k / Kennewick, WA

November 27th / Mosier Twin Tunnel 12k and 5k / Hood River, OR

November 27th / The Centre at Norpoint Turkey Trot 5k / Tacoma, WA

November 27th / Give n' Gobble 10k and 5k / Sherwood, OR

November 27th / Thanks and Giving Challenge 12k and 5k / Wenatchee, WA

November 30th / Seattle Marathon, Half-Marathon / Seattle, WA

Thanks to the American Red Cross Benton-Franklin Chapter, for that good lookin' bird. I can't wait for T-Day, my favorite holiday of the year!

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