Saturday, November 1, 2008

Costs about $59.94 too much...

Oh boy, the Nike+ SportBand. Where do I start? Oh, I know...IT'S A PIECE OF JUNK. Sorry about that, but really, it's just not good. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Nike+ fan. I've never had any problems with my Nike+ that hooks to the iPod and I like running with it. So I thought, "Hey, that SportBand looks pretty cool, I think I'll give it a try." And $59.95 later, I was hooked up. And all was well for about two months, then...the screen seemed to fog up a bit, and the pixels came and went, and the charge wouldn't hold for longer than about 10 minutes, and, well, finally it just died. A three month life span. Twenty bucks a month. That's a little expensive for my taste.

When I called Nike to complain, I realized that the SportBand has serious issues. Even though I have no receipt and no proof of when I bought it, they took it back for a refund (a voucher to, which is fine with me) with absolutely no arguement whatsoever. They seem to be getting a lot of those kinds of calls on the SportBand, she was shocked by nothing I said. I've since looked online a bit, and the SportBand definitely has issues.

Back to the Nike+ on the iPod for me.

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