Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Best Running Song of the Month!

...for June! That's right, no waiting around this month. June 2nd...BAM! Running Song of the Month time.

I believe I promised we'd head back to the States for this month's song, and baby, you can't get any more American than Detroit. May I present you to the Raconteurs and Salute Your Solution.

This song is just so...fast! Fast guitars, fast drums, fast bass, fast lyrics. Very fast lyrics. In fact, check out a live performance of Salute Your Solution here, here, here and here. Notice that Jack White can't even get the lyrics right about half the time. That might just be Jack, but the unbelievable speed of the lyrics can't be easy.

But for running, man, this song just has a great feel. Even though it's played at about double-time from anything from the 70's, it's got a real retro vibe. Probably not a song you want as the first tune up on the iPod, but maybe as the fifth or sixth song, this one is hard to beat.

Move your feet.

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