Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No backing out now...

Yes, it's official - I'm on the Portland Triathlon Confirmed Entries page. Me and 130 others for the Olympic race, at this point. It looks like about 118 are signed up for the Sprint race. Still about a month away, so lot's of time for YOU to sign up.

This race has a ton of truly "green" features that other races should emulate. First, you can agree to buy Carbon Offsets for your travel to the race. I only have to drive about an hour, so my offset was all of 26 cents. The biggest "green" offset donor so far: Matt Worstell, WE SALUTE YOU! Matt is traveling from New York, NY (the city so nice, they named it twice) and he decided to pay $28.87 to cover his carbon output to get to the race and back. Nice job, Matt!

There's also the Bamboo Race Shirts! I've never had a bamboo shirt before...I'm a little bit excited.

Bike racks from surplus steel and bamboo.

And one of the absolute coolest features: body marking (race numbers on arms and legs) by the Portland Society of Calligraphy! Now that's High-Fallutin Body Marking!

Check out all of the Portland Triathlon's sustainable efforts here. They're really going all out. I think they should be commended and I think you should sign up immediately and race this baby!

Photos courtesy of the Portland Tri. Swimmin' in the mighty Willamette!

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