Saturday, August 1, 2009

New ink out on the streets...

Yes, the new issue of RaceCenter is out and a certain writer has a new article therein. The article is titled "Northwest Trails Great and Small"...catchy, right? And it's about, well, trail running in the NW - who would've guessed?! So grab a copy fast and check it out; there are some nice trails listed in there. Do it quick before our amazing summer weather goes away.

So what else is in the new issue? Let's see:
-"Boom Time, Women!" I'm guessing it's about the rise, care, and feeding of the women's running boom? Not sure. Haven't read it.
-"The Couples Who Play Together..." Probably about couples that both run. And other stuff. Don't know. Haven't read it.
-"Nike Lunar Glide+ from the Inside Out" Some new Nike running shoe. Supposed to be special. Looks normal to me. Don't know why it's so special - haven't read it.

OK, OK, I know I should be reading the mag a little more carefully there, but I've got a little problem. I'm having some trouble physically opening up the magazine. I'd really rather just stare at the cover...

Yes, I've got a little crush on Kara Goucher. I'm not afraid to admit it. Those legs, that tummy, those eyes...

Sorry about that, back on track now!

So go grab your issue of RaceCenter and I'll see you out on the trails.

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