Monday, May 17, 2010

Eugene Marathon T-Shirt Review!

The true home of Nike - Eugene - was calling...what would Nike come up with for a race shirt?

Well, it's not half-bad. The color is very good - sort of a charcoal gray, that goes with pretty much anything. The design is pretty cool, even if it is duck colors. The shirt has the date on it, which I always appreciate. And the back has a nice, limited set of sponsors. And one of them is Krusteaz!

It doesn't get any better than Krusteaz.

Sort of odd for a May race to give you a long sleeve shirt, but it's a very light dri-fit tech shirt, so I guess it's ok. Still, I'd take a short sleeve over long every single time. But that's me.

The medal? Meh. Sort of plain. Sort of boring. It does have Hayward Field on the back, so you've got to give it props there. Again with the duck colors, but you've got to expect that. I've never been much of a medal person anyway. I'll donate it to the Corvallis School District and hopefully it will make some kid happy.

Shirt: B+
Medal: C

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