Saturday, May 22, 2010

Schmooove Your Butt Off the Center Line!

So is there anything more evil than the pool lane hog?

Yeah, I know you can see me. I'm right here. Standing at the end of the lane. Staring at you.

Staring at you swimming down the middle of the lane. Trying to do your flip turns as fast as you can so you can pretend you don't see me standing here.

For the love of cheese! Is it that bad to share a lane?!? I'm not asking you to circle-swim...there are only two of us! Just freaking move over and stay on your side of the lane! I mean, in two years of swimming at Dixon, I've had to circle-swim maybe twice, so it's not like anyone here is sick and tired of fighting for lane space.

Next time...cannonball...right on your head.

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