Monday, May 24, 2010

Step Into The Wayback Machine!

I was curious just how long I've been at this slight craziness they call I did a little research:

First Race: 1989 - Bank to Bank 8k - The First Crossing
Well, I think it was 1989 anyway. I'm pretty sure that's when the new I-90 bridge opened up...and the runners were the first ones to cross it. No photo though.

First Race...with a photo: 1989 - Summer's Last Stride 4k
Yeah, a four klick race. Can you believe it? And I believe it had a screaming downhill, if I remember correctly. That race has long since been lost to the ages. Only a few months after the Bank to Bank. Damn fine tie-dye tank top; I wish I still had it. Another thing I wish I still had? The age of 22 - which I was when I ran this race.

First Triathlon: 1997 - I don't even remember the name of it.
As you can tell though, it was a Off-road, trail, mt. bike affair. I believe it was held in Winthrop, WA. And I believe the water in that lake we swam in was damn near freezing. Yes, that's the wife with me. And no, that shirt never came clean after that. I ended up throwing it away.

Twenty years later, and I haven't learned a thing. Still out there trying to beat times that no one even knows.

But me...

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