Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kami Semick and Oregon Ready to Roll in South Africa

The U.S. is taking it's best and brightest Ultra stars down to South Africa and the Comrades Marathon.

Apparently, this Josh Cox guy is pretty fast and has a real chance to run some people down at Comrades. But let's face it - he's from California. How fast can he be really?

Now Kami Semick on the other hand, from right down the road in Bend, Oregon, is fast. No, I mean, fast-fast. And notice in the story how they talk about Comrades being tougher in the "Downhill" years? Well, I'm guessing no runner from Bend is going to be thrown by downhills. Semick has plenty of altitude around Bend to go down, up, back down...whatever she wants to do. I mean, Bend's at 3600' elevation, for Gord's sake!

Head right over to the Comrades site on Sunday and you can follow Kami as she kicks some and takes some.

Go Kami!

Thanks to for the photo.

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