Sunday, January 30, 2011

Corvallis Half Marathon Elevation Profile

When's the last time you heard a race director say their course was "hilly like a mother"?

Yeah, never.

So the inaugural Corvallis Half Marathon is hardly breaking new ground by proclaiming itself, and I quote, "mostly flat." Is that sort of like being "mostly a virgin?"

Well, you don't need to wonder any longer because the R's and their trusty new Garmin Forerunner hit the course and mapped out the elevation. As the late, great George Michael would say, "let's go to the tape!"

Right off the bat, I had issues. Now I work on the Oregon State University campus, so I know it fairly well, but the course description was, umm, vague. At best.

First, we have "winding through the Memorial Union and The Valley Library lawns, back to Jefferson..." Well, that leaves about 491 different way to get across that section of campus. But it got even worse at the end: "once you pass the Forest Sciences Lab, you'll zig zag back to Washington Way." What? Unless they're taking us cross-country, I don't see any way to zig zag there.

Nevertheless, the majority of the course was easy enough to follow and since there's a little bit at the end inside Reser, my finishing total of 12.72 miles was pretty close to the actual course.

So is it flat? Well, it's not like glass, that's for sure, but you decide for yourself. I'm just a humble reporter.

See you April 10th!

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