Sunday, January 30, 2011

Garmin Forerunner 110 Review!

Yes, I decided to buy a big watch for my girlie little wrist.

Thankfully, Garmin finally came out with a simple GPS watch, the Forerunner 110, to accompany the other watches in their GPS line, including the Star Trek Communicator-size 305 - now that thing would dwarf my wrist like Snow White on a bad hair day (yeah, that didn't make any sense). Anyway, I've gone on three long runs now with the 110 and I'm loving it.

First, it's simple. It's meant to track your runs (or bike rides, if that's your thing) without a bunch of fancy bells and whistles and that's what it does. Punch the button and it starts locating satellites. There have been some complaints about how long it takes to find them, but it's found them for me between one and three minutes every time. I mean, come on, I think people are getting a little too used to the high-tech life. Three minutes is too much for a watch size GPS unit to find satellites in freaking OUTER SPACE that it communicates with to tell you your exact position on the Earth? Yeah, I think three minutes is fine.

Once you finish your run and download the run, you get distance, pace, a map of the run (above), elevation profile of the run, calories burned, pace for each mile, etc. It's a wealth of info.

Did I mention I love it?

So if you've got an extra $200 to blow, I totally recommend it.

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