Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beaver Freezer Triathlon Elevation Profile

Well, I've got the one you probably don't really need for the Beaver Freezer - the run elevation profile. I'll post the bike elevation profile soon.

So the run. Basically, you come off the bike right outside of Dixon, run up a slight hill to get to the Memorial Union, then take three laps around the central portion of campus. Check the map:

The course is decent; meaning flat. It has one slight hill, just in front of Snell Hall and the Valley Library, that you'll hit three times. Since it's a loop course, you lose the elevation from that small hill on the backside of the run, which has a nice long shallow downhill. Don't ask me what those two elevation "bumps" are on my elevation map at about the .6 mile mark. There are no hills there - ignore that. I think a small asteroid bumped the Garmin satellite right there.

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