Sunday, February 27, 2011

Race Report - Crazy 8 5k

And the first leg of EPIC 2011 is in the books. Through the cold and the snow and the frost and the ice, EPIC is tougher to take out than a Midwestern Postman.

So one of the coldest February 26theses ever in Corvallis showed up for the Crazy 8 10k and 5k. At race time, the temp was 26 degrees, but at least the wind wasn't blowing as hard as it had the day before. Since I was just running the 5k and wouldn't have much time to get overheated, I went serious on the clothing: hat, gloves, long pants, jacket. I was still freezing until about the halfway point.

Small race - maybe a 100, 150 runners. Nice course, although they cut a bit off from this year's route because of ice and snow on the bike trail the race used. Starting at the Benton County Fairgrounds, we took off around the parking lot and out the front entrance. A sharp right onto the sidewalk and down to the Midge Cramer path...and that's about it. We strolled down the Midge Cramer path, and over a number of spots of snow and ice (brutal, had to get off the trail and run in the soft snow to get some traction), until we hit the halfway point and turned around and did the whole thing backwards to the finish.

So, according to my Garmin, the race was actually 2.80 miles, .30 short of the 5k and since the 10k ran a similar route, only they continued around again, I'm guessing their course was a touch short as well.

One down, about 25 to go!

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, all photos taken by the Jen Lommers EZ Photo, Lawnmower and Malt Liquor Hut on 3rd and Main. Tell her the R's sent ya!

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  1. Hey - where's the photo credits? Such a talented photographer should get a few kudos for standing in the 26 deg. weather waiting for racers! And thanks to the race organizers for supplying the kids with hot chocolate and a propane heater while they waited! (They had pancakes too, but we already ate.)