Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Own Rift Valley Run

I don't imagine I'll ever actually run in the Rift Valley, so I did my long run in the next best place: the R's Family Reunion at Manastash Canyon!

Sure, it doesn't have quite the same elevation, but for someone who lives at sea level in the very flat city of Corvallis, Manastash Canyon, just outside of Ellensburg, WA, is a whole different kind of run. With the whole run taking place at more than 2000 feet, my lungs were feeling it just a bit. And of course, I managed to head downhill for the first four miles.

You know how you're running along, thinking, "man, I feel good - I could run forever," then you turn around? And feel like you're going to die for the next five miles?

Yeah, that was my Manastash Canyon run to a T.

Bring on the Kenyans!

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