Saturday, July 23, 2011

Slow Motion Brick Workout

Under the heading of "Don't Worry About How You Do It, Just Do It," I've realized that I'm actually putting in full triathlon brick workouts about every other day...I'm just doing it very slowly.

So, on days when it's not pouring rain, which is horribly rare so far this year, I've been trying to bike to work. Let's call that part one of the Brick Workout. Sort of short, only about 3 miles, but we'll tack on another later.

Then, during my lunch hour, I hit the pool at Dixon. I usually put in 1600 yards. Olympic Tri Distance? Close enough.

After work, back to Dixon and on the treadmill. Especially if the pollen count is scary high, which it often is during the summer. Usually do something between 5-6 miles.

Finally, bike back home, which is another three miles.

So, the full day, spread out, Brick Workout adds up like this:

Swim: 1600 Yards
Bike: 6.0 Miles
Run: 5.0 Miles

That's a decent sprint tri right there!

And taking a couple of hours between each leg of the workout to actually, you know, work, means my old, decrepit body actually can survive doing it day after day.

Every workout's a good workout!

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