Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Stupid IAAF Rule!

So apparently it's not bad enough that the IAAF is making dumb rules about women running with male pacers, as we discussed a couple of days ago.

The latest idiocy is right here: not only was the World Record just broken in the men's marathon using two pacers (you know, the exact same thing that women can't do), but one of the pacers broke the 30k world record during the run...

But doesn't get the world record because he didn't finish the marathon.

Wait. What?

Yeah, he stopped before the end of the marathon, so the 30k record doesn't count. Even though he ran 30k. With a world record time.

Look, either you allow runners to break shorter distance records while running a longer race or you don't. But don't say "sure, it's fine to break a 30k record, but only if you finish the race you're entered in."

The guy ran the 30k! Why isn't it a record?!?

%$%#^^%&&^*$!@#$$ IAAF...

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