Monday, September 12, 2011

Kapowza! EPIC 2011 Rolls On!

Our first slow week in a long, long time.

But the EPIC 2011 train shows no sign of slowing down! I just found another race that I hadn't seen advertised before - the Great Pumpkin Run, to be exact - and added it to the list.

And we're now up to 27 races! Woot...or...Yikes! Depending if you're you or me... So now we've got more than a race every other week of 2011. Kapowza!

Oh well, let's race!


October 1st / Bend Marathon and Half Marathon / Bend, OR

October 1st / Oktoberfest Brewskidaddle 5k / Vancouver, BC

October 1st / Run for the Hills Half Marathon and 5k / Fruitland, ID

October 1st / Soroptimist Run for the Cause 5k / Albany, OR

October 1st / Forest Park Marathon and Half Marathon / Portland, OR

October 1st / Echo Valley 50m, 50k, Half Marathon and 10k / Chelan, WA

October 1st / 5K-9 Fun Run 5k / Everett, WA

October 1st / Rock the Beach 10k and 5k / Cannon Beach, OR

October 2nd / Set the Pace 10k and 5k / Kirkland, WA

October 2nd / Dirty 2nd Half Half Marathon / Bend, OR

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