Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Max King Climbs Empire State Building, Swats Other Runners Like Flies

Our own homeboy from Bend, Max King, is just taking no prisoners lately.

His most recent chest-thumper was a twofer:

-First up was the USATF 50k National Trail Championship in Bend. Max took care of that in 3:27:54. Check it here and here.

-Next, Max took on all-comers at the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship in Ogden, Utah...THE NEXT DAY! Check it here and here. That one was a 21k, which Max spiked in 1:17:59.

Awesome. Congrats to Max...sorry, Mr. King...or, just the King, if he prefers.

Thanks to the Deseret News, and Tom Smart, for the great photo.

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