Friday, September 30, 2011

The New Cross Article is Out!

Yes, occasionally we at the R's still venture into the Writing side of the equation...even if the writing is usually about running.

But not this time! Because the new RaceCenter article is about biking! Ha!

Anyhoo, check out the online version of the new issue right over here.

So let's take a little look-see, shall we?

On the cover, we've got Max King. That guy gets around.

Then, ad, ad, ad, ad, ad, and editorial. Don't usually read those...

Some small tartlets about the Stumptown Series, Jinglebell Runs in the NW, how frackin' huge Bloomsday is, Tri stuff and Cross stuff. All interesting. Very quick, very informative, very USA Today.

Then we've got an article about cross country running written by Max King. WHAAAA?? It's not enough that the guy wins every race he's in, now he's trying to take my job too?!? Moving on...

Nutrition stuff...USATF stuff...Chris Bagg Tri stuff...Trail Running stuff...

OK, then our first feature article, about all the past finisher medals from the Portland Marathon. OOOH, look...shiny!

Another shoe guide. I don't know if you find value in these. I usually read them, but how often do you see a shoe in there that you actually wear or want to wear? I don't know, they don't do much for me.

Then, an insightful, professionally-written article on Cyclocross called "Tailgate Party on Wheels." That's good stuff there. That writer needs a raise...or a cookie...or something.

Next, a nice article on cross-country skiing. Too cold - don't care.

Then the race calendar, ad, ad, ad, ad, and the Funny Page.

Hey, nice issue. Check it out online or pick up a copy at your favorite sporting goods supplier.

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