Friday, January 27, 2012

New RaceCenter Article Out Now

It's been a while, but there's finally a new article with the infamous R's byline at a Jamba Juice or running store near you!

Or if you're one of those crazy reading-your-news-on-the-web type people, you can head over here and read the whole stinking issue online. That's quality stuff right there.

So what awaits your prying eyes in this issue? Let's find out!

-First, we've got "Montana Destination Runs" and surprisingly enough, there's more than one. Just kidding there, Montana! No hard feelings, right? Don't send over any cows...or rough me up. Joking! Again!

-Anyhoo, second is a bit on the Tri NW Rankings. Good, good...don't see my name on the list...moving on...

-Third, "Mud and Fire: the Rise of Obstacle Course Racing." Hey, that sounds like a interesting and well-written take on one of the most popular areas of running today! We should read this one immediately if not sooner.

-Fourth, a 2012 Multisport race preview.

-And of course, this is the 2012 Event Guide issue, so you've got pages and pages of race info. Sweet!

-Then you've got the usual stuff: gear guide, nutrition stuff, USATF stuff, Max King trying to outwrite me because apparently running twice as fast as me isn't enough, tri stuff from Chris Bagg, and so on.

Good, good issue. Check it out today. And tell them the R's sent ya!


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