Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peachtree Registration Opens March 15th!

Do you want to run the biggest race in America? Well, here's your chance.

Just a semi-long road-trip to Atlanta and you could be one of 60,000 runners in the Peachtree Road Race. Also known as "the largest race in the United States."

Sort of an odd registration process. You can head over to the Peachtree site any time between March 15th and March 22nd, register, and then they'll put you into a really, really big hat and on March 23rd, they'll draw 60,000 names out.

Which means, I guess, they think they might actually get more than 60,000 entries? Wow. They had 55076 finishers in 2011, so I guess it's possible.

Of course, for $17 bucks and a short jaunt to Spokane, you can run with 51,303 of your closest friends at Bloomsday. Well, that was the number of finishers - Bloomsday actually had over 56,000 runners signed up themselves in 2011, making a pretty good push for first place in the ol' big-ass race category. The cost for Peachtree, by the by, is twice as much as Bloomsday: $35. And actually, that's not that bad, these days.


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