Monday, April 2, 2012

Running and Triathlon Links Monday!

Here are some links to start your week:

17 year old Cayla Hatton runs a 33:17 10k! - Don't believe it? Check the video here

Portland's Race for the Roses Results - Check the winning female 10k time and compare it to Hatton above

Photos from the Ironman 70.3 California - Andy Potts and Melanie McQuaid are your winners

The Sports Scientists Blog looks at the lawsuit against Vibram Five Finger shoes - People getting injured running in Five Fingers? Weird...

Cooper River Bridge Run, sixth biggest run in US, has hour-long delay before start - I've never seen a race that buses people to the start line not have problems

Oregon's Jenn Shelton sponsored by Hyundai - "Born to Run" has really made her into a star

Triathlete Magazine tells you how to set up your bike like a pro in transition - They should show you how to keep your transition neighbors from knocking all your crap over...get there first, I guess

Dara Torres shows you how to swim like an Olympian - even if you're 44 years old

Coos Bay, OR runner Chuck Engle sets marathon record - he's won, not just raced, but won, 145 marathons

Photo of Cayla Hatton by Tia Ann Chapman of the Hartford Courant.


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