Monday, April 9, 2012

Running and Triathlon Links Monday!

Slow week, but a few good tidbits:

Garmin returns the "Moving Time" field to Garmin Connect - the right move

Another promising young runner, Daniel Vertiz, chooses triathlon over running - much like Lukas Verzbicas did earlier this year

A little video on the Leadman Tri in Vegas - the race comes to Bend, OR later this year...also results...and photos

Here are some athletes of note in the Boston Marathon B.A.A. 5k and mile - sort of odd to see Desiree Davila in a 5k

Look good, feel good, race good? - I know I'm always worried about fashion when I hit the start line

Some fantastic shots of Anton Krupicka running in New Zealand - running downhill on scree is just asking for a broken ankle

Very interesting two part interview (first and second) of Alberto Salazar by Amby Burfoot of Runner's World - he's got a book coming out as well


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