Monday, April 16, 2012

Running and Triathlon Links Monday!

Amazing, and heartbreaking, story of Sammy Wanjiru from Sports Illustrated - definitely had promise to be one of the best marathoners of all time

Top Five Marathons in North America - the list starts out fine, then gets about as off-track as you would expect for a running article from Fox Business

How to Heal Up Injuries You've Got from Your Minimalist Shoes - I could say a number of things here, but I'll be good

Simon Whitfield Talks About the Triathlon at the London Olympics - he's pretty much owned the tri at the last two Olympics

They ran the Boston Marathon in the Hot Hot Heat Today; Here's the Men's Winner - And Here's the Women's

Should the Boston Marathon be made Eligible for World Records? - I say "nope"

Results and Story on the XTERRA West Championship Race in Vegas - Conrad Stoltz wins yet another

The Marathon des Sables - just your everyday 153 mile run through the Sahara Desert

A Nice Wrapup of the Upcoming Changes for Boston Marathon Qualifying in 2013 - it really doesn't seem fair that they're making it harder

Photo is of Jason Hartmann, a former U of Oregon runner that pretty much shocked everyone by grabbing 4th in the Boston Marathon today. Nice work, Jason!


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